Ryuutama cover picture

Two of the four GM Ryuujin (Dragon Character) types: Green (for exploration and adventure scenarios) Blue (for friendship, love and heartwarming scenarios). Not pictured here: Red and Black.

The character classes: Minstrel, Merchant, Hunter, Healer, Farmer, Craftsperson, Noble

That's right, a FARMER character class! They specialize in keeping animals (pack animals, etc) as well as have the ability to learn other classes' abilities.

An example of long range combat from the combat section.

The visual process of how a GM comes up with a scenario, leads the players on it, then uses the power of the story to magically feed the dragons.

The dragons of Ryuutama are based on environments and weather types. The above dragons are Badlands and Forest.

In the color art section at the beginning of the book, again a GM Ryuujin crafts a scenario for the travelers.