About "Aitsu wa Classmate!"
  • Now that I've finished the first draft translation of Maid RPG (232 pages!), I'm hopefully going to have more time to actually sit down and read the Japanese RPGs I've accumulated.

    Aitsu wa Classmate! is the most recent RPG from Sunset Games (which also publishes Maid RPG and Yuuyake Koyake). I'm planning to post about it a chapter at a time, though this first post will just be my overall impressions from flipping through the book.

    Aikura bills itself as presenting a sort of idealized, anime/ren'ai game inspired high school life. All of the PCs are high school students who go around helping classmates who have problems of one sort or another. Like Yuuyake Koyake, it's basically what I like to call a "good Samaritan game."

    Character creation involves picking a main class and a sub-class, so you wind up with things like "Otaku Heroine" and "Nekketsu Hero." Each class determines your base attributes, and gives you a selection of special abilities. Characters have "Yaruki" (motivation) points that gauge their mental state and can be spent for various things in the game. Many special abilities cost Yaruki points, and quite a few provide you with ways to give Yaruki to others. For example, Heroines can take an ability that lets them cook curry that grants Yaruki to others (+5, or +30 to guys who haven't eaten it more than two times before).

    Compared to Ryo Kamiya's designs, Aikura is more complicated, though not excessively so. I need to read more, but I get the impression that a lot of the book's heft (180 pages) is more from having specific classes, skills, and special abilities, and the rules governing them are relatively simple and unified.

    Anyway, I'll post more as I'm able.
  • Yeah, I picked this one up on my last trip to Japan. Unfortunately, other games currently have a lock on my soul, so I'm not able to free up my headspace to dig too deep into it. Plus, it seems that this one came out at the same time as "School Days Panic", which is kind of like a gonzo souped-up version of the same idea.

    Here's a link to a character sheet, still trying to get my head around how the various bits interact (like the bottom right area, etc):


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