Holy Crap, Sorry Applicants!!! And the Future of J-RPG.Com
  • Okay, so normally there are few applicants to this forum, MAYBE one a month. So when I didn't get emails regarding applicants for some time, I thought everything was normal.

    And unfortunately, the incoming applicant emails have been apparently flagged by my Google as spam (but honestly, there were a lot of spam ones too so...), and plus when I log in to Vanilla 2.x, unlike 1.x it doesn't say "HEY YOU HAVE NEW PEOPLE WAITING FOR APPROVAL" unless you dig through some menus.

    So there is a long list of people going back to like June (3 MONTHS!) who were waiting for approval, likely thinking that they couldn't join the cool kids club or whatever. I'm sorry! That's totally not the case! It was mostly technical reasons for this FUBAR. Again, apologies.

    Those folks are: Mr_Johnson, avendenb, Malckuss, NegativeThacO, Nonsense, amnesiack, Uafasach, jaderamste. I think that's all. 

    Here's the thing, though: This site is going to go through some major changes soon!! 

    In truth, this forum-hacked-into-a-blog was meant to do one thing: Serve as a blog where folks who read/translated Japanese RPGs, or enthusiastic purchasers/owners of Japanese RPGs, could basically disseminate stuff to The Public.

    Here were the challenges:

    I ended up going with the forum-hacked-into-a-blog because I wanted the following behaviors:
    * I wanted to leave threads lie, so that someone could post something to a thread, then revisit it a few weeks/months/years later with more info or whatever. To categorize the games clearly into their own threads.
    * The forum method, with its clear category structure, made each thread into a repository of information, one that folks can click on and contribute to long after it was started. Blogs feel too transitory for this sort of thing.
    * I wanted to keep a secret "ninja area" (in the form of a few private discussions that outside readers can't see) where we internally crowdsource - over glacial periods of time - translation of various games for private use. Or other stuff like that.

    However, I didn't expect the following behaviors:
    * User feedback and questions are critical! I didn't mean for this forum to be exclusionary, but for the fact that readers can't participate with questions, that's kinda what ended up happening. So non-member readers had to go through hard means to ask us interesting questions. Suck!
    * User feedback and questions are FUN! They keep us motivated to make an update about a game (even if its a pic and a few sentences), say vs spending each night after work watching The Vampire Diaries instead. 

    Got that? My next post talks about the future.
  • Okay, so here's what is going to happen over the next few weeks/months:

    * J-RPG.COM will return to being a hub of information, not just a redirect to this blog. Although the central focus of this site will be the blog. Also,
    * J-RPG.COM will also be the website of my newly-formed company-of-sorts, Kotodama Heavy Industries. Stay tuned for more information about that.
    * This forum will be archived, it's content slowly moved over to a new blog.
    * There will be a new blog: It'll be multi-participant (the folks who read/translate/own J-RPGs), with the ability to comment: So you (the readers) can participate in the comments/discussions from this point on!
    -- Currently waffling over choices of blogger, wordpress (self-install), wordpress (hosted).
    * This forum will go dormant. Okay, it will actually remain alive/open, but stashed away and private for internal discussion, secret projects etc.

    Expect these things in the next few weeks. Pretty much right after I decide which blogging software/service to run.

    Should be fun! Looking forward to what comes next!
  • Looking forward to whatever you do, Andy. Been watching since the who TBZ thing was originally announced, and I still have faith.
  • Glad to be here!
  • Hey Andy,

    If you go with WordPress hosted and need help with the theme let me know, I have some experience.  Looking forward to what's coming! :)

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